Meet Your Program Board

AS Program Board is a student-operated non-profit organization funded by lock-in fees which aims to coordinate fun and educational events for the UC Santa Barbara community. Appointed student board members gain hands-on experience in planning, booking, advertising, and running various events ranging from intimate open mics to 10,000 capacity festivals.
The Board 2013-2014
Amalia Gudino
Amalia is a third year Math major with a Portuguese minor. Friends and family always come first. Huge football fan and She loves dancing around and acting a fool with friends. You will always catch her with a song stuck in her head or napping in the office.
Omar Miranda
Deputy Commissioner
Omar Miranda: part-time worker, part-time student, full-time Diva. When he is not focusing on his double major in Psychology and Film & Media Studies, Omar dreams of dethroning the ultimate queen, Oprah Winfrey, in hopes of too becoming a major talk-show host in the future. Omar indulges in the finer things in life from a fresh pair of Doc Marten combat boots to Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. Beyonce is his idol and you shall not question it.
Chris Cubbison
Concerts Coordinator
Chris Cubbison is a fourth-year Literature Major and a bagel enthusiast. When he is not booking concerts, Chris likes to make beats, browse through the dollar rack, watch entire seasons of television via Netflix, and take pictures of his animals. He has a cat named Bob.
Zach Barrett
Concerts Assistant
Zach is a 3rd year and is Concerts Assistant on Program Board. Zach enjoys indulging in all of his senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and the force. His love for food, the outdoors, style, sports, and of course, music, shape his life. He was once quoted, “If I had one wish, it would be to have a Soundtrack 2 My Liiife”. Zach’s love for life led him to become a Biology major where he one day hopes to use this great knowledge to heal the world.
Aditya Sharma
Special Events Coordinator
Aditya Sharma is a fourth year political science major. Just as Bombay changed to Mumbai this child changed his destiny from doctor to agent thanking the based god for showing him the light now a frequent concert goer, he attended a total of 32 concerts in a mere 2 months and doesn’t plan on stopping and will bump John Mayer all day everyday.
Brandon Pineira
Special Events Assistant
Brandon used to write the fortunes you find in fortune cookies until one day he realized that a new business venture was on the horizon. He feared change but knew that you must conquer your fears before they conquer you, so he joined AS Program Board. Soon his many hidden talents will become obvious to those around him, and he strongly believes that he will find new outlets for his creative abilities. He thanks you for your interest in him; a friend is a present you give yourself. Order more chinese food.
Ryan Yamamoto
Cultural Arts & Lectures
Ryan Yamamoto is a 4th year double major in Sociology and Bad Decisions. When he’s not at the gym training the next generation of bodybuilding kittens, Ryan likes to spend his time weaving starlight into the nectar of the gods. And drinking beer. With the gods. They’re cool like that. On a never-ending quest to find himself, Ryan seeks epiphany through slaying the red dragon Smaug beneath the lonely mountain and avoiding trolls. IV is full of trolls. (Are there hidden bridges or some shit?) Due to his unfortunate colorblindness, Ryan is unable to listen to music.
Sean Nolan
Production Coordinator
Betta Life
Charly Chambers
Production Assistant
Charly is a third year Film and Media Studies major who plays bass and loves music made with REAL INSTRUMENTS. Also an avid facial hair enthusiast.
Tyler Washington
Production Assistant
Tyler is a 3rd year Communication major and Spanish minor. He’s left-handed and loves watching movies, hiking, and of course, Beyonce. His end career goal is to direct and produce his own commercials. Until then, he’ll be turning up at UCSB having the time of his life!!
Justin Stasiuk
Event Safety Coordinator
Justin is a fourth year political science and economics double major.
In west New Jersey he was born and raised. He often frequented playgrounds most of his early days.
He liked to relax and act cool outside of his school in Bergen County and often played sports with his friends.
One day a couple of guys gave him trouble and he realized that his true calling was working to secure AS Program Board events.
So he pulled up to the Hub about 7 or 8, just in time to make it all safe.
He looked at his Barricades he was finally there, glaring at the crowd with a security stare.
Ben Simons
Event Safety Assistant
Benjamin Simons is a 3rd year Global Studies major with minors in both Writing and Hebrew. Whenever he’s not securing the peace at concerts and events on campus, you can find him writing away on his laptop. He currently writes for both and He has a love for all things concerning the ocean, raw denim, hip-hop, fixies, and great food. Benjamin ambitiously hopes to one day be able to fuse his love for music and denim into a profession, but will be living that go-getter Santa Barbara lifestyle until then.
Karen Masumoto
Publicity Coordinator
Karen is a 3rd year double majoring in Film Studies and Communication.Her hobbies include volleyball, kite flying, and kernel picking in the cornfields of Guatemala. She enjoys short walks on the beach and even shorter walks to the fridge. Catch her on campus and feel free to say hello!
Jena Pruitt
Publicity Coordinator
Jena is a fourth year Political Science and Anthropology double major and is a self-proclaimed star of the universe. She’d like to think that she is not valuable, but realistically people need her. She is a baddie, and you better not cross her. Her position on ASPB is Publicity Coordinator. Jena loves thrift shopping, making arts and crafts, running, and laughing with friends. Jena is a heavy music connoisseur but prefers to listen to up and coming music R&B and Hip-Hop/ Rap artists.
Brent Kirkland
Graphics Coordinator
Brent is a second year here at UCSB pursuing a CS Engineering Degree. You can find him dancing to the beats of French house, deep house, and whatever’s groovy. He also enjoy bull horns. They’re a lot of fun.
Leonardo A. Vargas
Graphics Assistant
Chioma Nwuzi
Digital Media Coordinator
Chioma is a second year aspiring intellectual property lawyer and the person behind She enjoys all types of music from alternative to “pop”, but listens mostly to R&B and Hip Hop. She enjoys watching the Lakers, playing volleyball, and consuming obscene amounts of food. She’s an avid reader and writer, and one day hopes to use all she’s learned to go back and help her home of Nigeria. She also one day hopes to be co-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers.
Chrystal Anderson
Volunteers Coordinator
Chrystal is a second year Communication major with a minor in professional writing. She from the westside of Los Angeles and will rep it hard. Scandal enthusiast and baked goods connoisseur, Chrystal has a deep love for the eccentric and artistic. She is very involved in campus organizations, but being on AS Program Board is definitely at the top of her list. You can find her dancing hard and blasting awesome music. She’s super friendly, always offering a smile (:
Alex Hubert
Tickets Coordinator
Alex Hubert is a third year Sociology major. This is his second year on Program Board as Tickets Coordinator and he has a passion for all things music. Catch him defending pop punk at Warped Tour. Stage dives make him feel more alive and he apologizes for crowd-surfing on you. Thank You Based God.
Christina Laskorunsky
Films Coordinator
Hello, sexy college coeds. I’m Christina, your friendly neighborhood Films Coordinator. I’m a 3rd year Sociology and Communications double major from San Jose, CA. I love vegetarian food, movie trivia, alternative rock, and Mother Russia. I came into this position hoping to have the power to show only Samuel L. Jackson films, but unfortunately, you all seem to like variety. So come check out our fun free films every Tuesday at IV Theater, and you will be rightly entertained!

Legislative Representative
Colton Delaney Bentz
Legislative Representative

RHA Representative
Marilyn Dukes