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Meet Your Program Board

AS Program Board is a student-operated non-profit organization funded by lock-in fees which aims to coordinate fun and educational events for the UC Santa Barbara community. Appointed student board members gain hands-on experience in planning, booking, advertising, and running various events ranging from intimate open mics to 10,000 capacity festivals.

The Board 2014-2015
Benjamin Simons
Benjamin Simons is first and foremost a firm believer in the universal language of music and its power to unify all people. This has led him to where he is today as the Commissioner this year. He began ASPB in the spring of his Freshman year as a respectable Event Safety Assistant, and could only dream of becoming the Commissioner back then. Stepping into the position this year, he hopes to completely revolutionize the UCSB experience for all students by pushing the limits of what one would expect from ASPB. You can find him in the ASPB office during all hours of the day, so don’t be shy and come say hello to him! Besides his passions for event planning and music, Benjamin loves playing volleyball, raw denim, riding his Fixie, being active in the Jewish community, and dressing in his best at all times. Also, he is a shameless Drake fan. Benjamin is currently in his 4th year and looking to complete his education with a major in Global Studies.
Alex Hubert
Deputy Commissioner
Alex Hubert is a fourth year Sociology major. This is his third year on Program Board, he is Deputy Commissioner this year and he has a passion for all things music. Catch him defending pop punk at Warped Tour. Stage dives make him feel more alive and he apologizes for crowd-surfing on you. Thank You Based God.
Zach Barrett
Concerts Coordinator
Zach is a 4th year and is Concerts Coordinator on Program Board. Zach enjoys indulging in all of his senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and the force. His love for food, the outdoors, style, sports, and of course, music, shape his life. He was once quoted, “If I had one wish, it would be to have a Soundtrack 2 My Liiife”. Zach’s love for life led him to become a Biology major where he one day hopes to use this great knowledge to heal the world.
Alex Levine
Concerts Assistant
As the sole female Alex on board, she hopes to bring glory to her name by bringing the best sounds in town to the hub, and perhaps a giraffe if administration will allow it. Her favorite program board event is Bagel Day. For more information click here.
Brandon Pineira
Special Events Coordinator
Brandon Pineira manned trash duty at Extravaganza in the spring of 2013 and has since become the Coordinator for UCSB’s large-scale student run concerts and special events. Though nobody has ever actually seen him in real life, it is said that he lives in the deepest, darkest corner of the ASPB office. Rumor has it, if you leave hot black coffee outside of the office late at night, it will disappear as soon as you look away. When Brandon isn’t working on campus events, he is playing guitar, collecting vinyl, writing, seeing a live show, or enjoying a cold microbrew. If you see him around be sure to say hello!
Chrystal Anderson
Special Events Assistant
Chrystal is a 3rd year Communication major with a minor in professional writing. She is from the Westside of Los Angeles and will rep it hard. Scandal enthusiast and baked goods connoisseur, Chrystal has a deep love for the eccentric and artistic. She is very involved in campus organizations, but being on AS Program Board is definitely on the top of her list. You can find her dancing hard in Black Reign, tearing up every floor. She’s super friendly, always offering a smile (:
Christina Chiocchi
Cultural Events Coordinator
Christina is a second year Communication major who, apart from having a last name that no one can pronounce, enjoys old school hip hop and any form of art. You can find her around IV riding her Fixie, buying Vinyl records, shopping at Urban Outfitters, and rocking that general sense of entitlement that comes with being a Millennial. Christina decided to organize events for ASPB in order to finally prove to everyone that she did in fact like it before it was cool… Christina is often accused of being a “hipster.”
Michael De Maria
Production Coordinator
Timmy Linetsky
Production Assistant
Timmy makes music that goes under your belly.
Jared Payzant
Production Assistant
Jared is currently a third-year film and media student. Jared can be observed in many different locations around the campus, but most commonly at concerts and house shows. Jared plays drums for the I.V. band, Sun Daes, and will shamelessly promote them through outlets such as this. He is hoping to work on many projects this year in film and music. You will be able to recognize him by the large outdated video cameras mounted on his shoulder.
Wes Clark
Event Safety Coordinator
Wes is both a political scientist and business boy, though he hopes one day to become a business man. Before joining the program board, he was just an aimless ball of gas traveling among the UCSB stars. But now, he has found his passion; ensuring that the Program Board’s events are of superlative safety. Praise be to Poker Night, Taco Tuesday, and Katy Perry concerts.
Kyle Didier
Event Safety Assistant
Moonlit dinners, any movie with Meg Ryan, and Kale.
Kate Ni
Publicity Coordinator
The older Ni twin by 9 minutes, Kate is a fan of Alfred Hitchcock, carpool lanes, smooth dolphins, German Expressionism, the creepy moon face emoji, travelling to learn and music you can cry endlessly to. She considers herself a fine purveyor of the Internet and secretly wishes she was born in another era but knows her love of technology would hold her back. Appreciates social media, good wine, good design, and great friends but dislikes small talk and happy endings in films. When not in the office, she can be found brooding on the couch watching TCM and cartoons or moonlighting as a swimmer for the Aqualillies. Believes in the duality of life but does not believe in getting to know someone through a 130-word bio, so come and say hi.
Sarah Cragin
Publicity Coordinator
Sarah is a second year Film and Media Studies major. In her spare time she enjoys frolicking through meadows and petting small furry animals. She can often be found buried under huge blankets binge watching Netflix or chillin Oceanside while drinking a smoothie through a bendy straw. She loves kickin it with the homies and is all about the good times and good vibes!
Leo Vargas
Graphics Coordinator
Leo is a Los Angeles native pursuing a degree in Art and Communication. He is Inspired by The Fugees, Steven Spielberg, and Yeezus.


Sophia Barkhudarova
Graphics Assistant
Sophia is a second year striving to double in Art and Psychology, though her main interests involve pizza, EDM, and cats. She dabbles in shredding the gnar gnar on her snowboard and watching South Park around the clock. Also an expert when it comes to enchilada cooking. All in all she’s just tryna kick it.
Cynthia (Carla) Ni
Digital Media Coordinator
Carla has a mélange of interests including the architecture stylings of Georges Haussmann, the Impossible Project, Opening Ceremony, Humanism, the Echoplex, dancing until daylight at Primavera Sound, and getting together with friends All Under One Roof Raving. She prefers looking at life through rosé lenses, but also adores anything Intelligentsia. You’ll find Carla alongside her twin sister Kate (Publicity Coordinator), watching cartoons, at the new art exhibition at MOCA, swooning over FKA twigs, packing for her next trip, and wishing she could’ve been at the Caberet Voltaire in 1916.

“Without music, life would be a mistake. ”
― Friedrich Nietzsche
Robert (Bo) Wolfe
Volunteers Coordinator
Bo is a second year Statistics major. Catch him writing for his super cool music blog or listening to smooth jazz whilst sipping mint tea.
Alex Alarcon
Tickets Coordinator
This man needs no introduction… but we have to give him one anyway. He is a proud member of the three-headed Program Board monster known as Alex, or as his angry mother sometimes prefers, Alejandro. While Alex is the name, tickets are the game and you will be seeing this lovely face behind the ticket booth at all of your favorite hub shows. When he is not making it rain tickets, he is probably creating musical fusion with his guitar or doing that whole class thing. He also enjoys listening to anything from dad rock to 80’s metal to indie rock. FIDLAR
Serena Sogules
Films Coordinator
Serena is a 3rd year film and media studies major. She loves watching movies (obviously). Hanging out, binge shopping, and most importantly sleeping. You can catch her crooning Drake songs down your local IV sidewalk. Cheers!
Daisy Fernandez
Legislative Representative
Jenna Anderson
Legislative Representative
Kim Goodwin
RHA Representive
Marilyn Dukes

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