Face Beat University with Bretman Rock

AS Program Board Presents… Face Beat University with Bretman Rock on Wednesday, September 9, 2020, at 7 PM (PST). Join us for a night of contouring, highlighting, and tea spilling as Bretman Rock answers your burning questions!
This event is free and closed to UCSB students.

22-year-old media personality, beauty guru, and comedian Bretman Rock has made his way into the homes and hearts of people all around the world. The boy in beauty started his YouTube channel in 2015, and his killer makeup skills paired with his outlandish and hilarious online character led to him amassing over 25 million fans across various social media platforms, and it doesn’t stop there.
Separate from his online fame, Bretman has quickly gained notoriety in traditional media –landing multiple front page covers, starring in specials for the likes of NBC, FOX, and now his very own MTV reality series. After winning the title of Beauty Influencer of the Year at 2019’s People’s Choice Awards, it’s safe to say that Bretman Rock has solidified his place as the internet’s golden boy.

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