Collaboration Policies


AS Program Board is dedicated to providing fun and educational entertainment opportunities for the UC Santa Barbara community. Your collaboration request should, first and foremost, align with this mission statement. 

Additionally, please provide us with a two week minimum prior to your proposed event date to consider and communicate our interest in collaboration. 

ASPB will not accommodate purely financial requests. Rather, our board is dedicated to collaborative efforts that involve and work tangentially with the input of our board members. Therefore, we are happy to review requests for and potentially provide collaborative support in the form of event planning, staffing and associated materials. Additionally, all promotional materials for proposed collaborative events must be approved by and include ASPB’s logo. 

If you are looking to rent or receive sponsorship of equipment from ASPB please reach out directly to or for more details. 

Next steps:

  1. Reach Out 
  2. Email with the subject line “ASPB Collaboration Request” accompanied by a description of the nature and involvement of your request. Please be as detailed as possible and include any budgets pertaining to your request.
  1. Attend Public Forum 
    1. Have a representative from your organization attend ASPB’s public forum section at the beginning of our weekly meeting. Details will be communicated directly with your organization via email. 
  2. Decision
    1. A decision re whether ASPB will be able to accommodate your request for collaboration will be communicated to you via email within a week from your attendance at public forum. 

Thank you again for your interest in collaborating with AS Program Board. We look forward to working with you to enhance on-campus opportunities for entertainment and education!

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