Podcasts: A Capricorn’s Dream

Picture this: You are about to do any mundane task you can think of, cleaning your apartment, making dinner, going on a walk. What are you going to listen to during? For a lot of people, music is a go-to, but for me it’s podcasts. Specifically YouTuber podcasts, ones like Emma Chamberlain and Lexie Lombard. I pop my headphones in, choose an episode and just listen to them talk for 40 minutes to an hour. 

For some, this idea may seem unfathomable, and I don’t know if it is the earth sign in me (Capricorns wya??) or if it is my introverted side, but I love to just sit and listen to people talk. It can be about anything: whether it’s listening to someone talking about unleashing your inner ditz or giving advice on life, I find that these times are some of the most enjoyable for me. 

Like clockwork, when I have to clean my apartment, make dinner, or go on a walk by myself I will always plug in a podcast. I think that the world of podcasts is extremely interesting because it is like having a mindless conversation. My introverted extroverts can relate to wanting to be in someone’s company without having to respond and podcasts allow me to do just that. Unlike a FaceTime call with my friend, I don’t have to put in any effort to talk or think about what I’m going to say when I’m listening to a podcast. It allows me to be both tuned out and tuned in because I can hear someone’s voice in a conversational tone and still go about my daily tasks, which is what I love. 

Sometimes I get the best advice and tidbits from podcasts that I listen to from people that you wouldn’t think would have wise takes on life. If you are an introverted extrovert or just a Capricorn like me, try listening to a podcast while you do your daily tasks (because as a Cap, I know we need to feel productive). 

The beauty of podcasts is that you can find one that taps into any interest you have like mystery, fashion, relationships, or just life advice. I definitely recommend trying a podcast like: Anything Goes from Emma Chamberlain, Lexie from Lexie Lombard, or even my podcast with my best friend (shameless plug), Self Checkout. Try it out, and thank me later. 

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