ZelooperZ in the Hub

Come see ZelooperZ live in the Hub for KCSB’s annual spring concert this Saturday 4/10 at 7PM! Green badges and masks are required for entry. This event is open for all community members.
A member of the Danny Brown-led hip-hop collective Bruiser Brigade, ZelooperZ is known for his persona-heavy works on projects such as Van Goghs Left Ear, Valley of Life, and Dyn-O-Mite. With support from major abstract hip-hop artists among the likes of RXK Nephew and Quadie Diesel, ZelooperZ has made appearances on Injury Reserve and Earl Sweatshirt’s latest studio albums. To quote his song, “Each and Every Moment,” “When you listen to my music, you like, ‘Damn, he really want it.’” Hear him pitch his voice up, down, and smear it all over beat placements that no other artist would even dare touch.

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