AS Program Board presents… Battle of the Bands!

ISLA VISTA ARE YOU LISTENING??? Cause we’ve heard YOU. It’s time to go head to head with the best bands in Isla Vista at A.S. Program Board’s annual BATTLE OF THE BANDS 2020.

Submissions are due before February 3rd, @ 5pm.

Winners will get the once in a lifetime opportunity to perform during our very own Noon Storke Shows and more to be announced!

1. Failure to adhere to University performance agreements and rules will result in disqualification.
2. The deadline for submitting demos is February 3rd, at 5:00pm.
3. Demos should be submitted using the form on our website. Alternatively, you can burn the demo to a CD in either mp3 or wav format and turn it in to the ASPB office in room 1519 of the UCEN with name and contact info written on the CD.
4. Music must be original. Only 1 cover song in the set is allowed.
5. All songs performed by the Band during the Contest, attributed to the Band on the Local Facebook Page, or used while the Band is participating in the Contest (including all Original Songs and Cover Songs) are referred to herein collectively as the “Creative Materials.” Creative Materials as defined by these Official Rules will not infringe upon the intellectual property rights, or defame or invade the publicity or privacy rights, of any third party, living or deceased.
6. Creative Materials may not contain “sampling” from other songs, music, sound effects, or any other elements in which the Band or Band Members do not have the necessary rights to, title and interest, including copyright
7. Each band will have a 20-minute set. Sound will be cut after exactly 20 minutes, so bands will want to plan accordingly.
8. Bands will have 15 minutes prior to their set to load in and have a quick line check.
9. Bands will have 5 minutes after their set to clear the stage.
10. No back-up bands or recorded music. All music must be from live instruments or vocals.
11. The band must consist of two or more musicians who perform instrumental or vocal music.
12. No more than 5 bands will be selected to compete and will be scored on a point system off of a set criteria.
13. 50% or more of the band must be current UCSB students and provide active perm numbers upon submission, prior to band selection for the competition.
14. Bands that have won this competition in the past are not allowed to participate.
15. All band members must perform/compete on behalf of only one band.
16. All band members must be a regularly performing member of the band prior to competition. Band members must remain the same as submission; no substitutes or additions through contest period.
17. Students will choose the winner, based on a point system.
18. In the event of a tie, the judges will vote on the winner.
19. The band with the most points will win and receive a live, on-air session with KCSB to be filmed and posted on their YouTube Channel. (Subject to change).
20. Bands must arrive by their specified time and be out of the Hub 25 minutes after the winner is announced or they will be disqualified.
21. No banners or props are allowed on stage. Fans are not allowed banners or props with the band name. Banners or props will be held until the end of the event.
22. No guests are allowed backstage.
23. Neither ASPB nor the University shall be held responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen equipment. 24. All decisions made by ASPB are final.
25. All non-UCSB student contestants must be 18 years of age or older to participate, and have legal proof of identification.
26. The band will be disqualified if not all members are present by set time. 27. Bands are not allowed to sell merchandise.
28. ASPB and the University shall not be liable to the winner for failure to supply the prize, by reasons of the prize becoming inaccessible due to any reasons beyond control of ASPB or the University.
29. Each band member must sign a consent form that acknowledges that they have read the rules of the contest and that each member understands the rules outlined in this document.
30. ASPB reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without notice.