Virtual Performance and Q&A with Role Model

AS Program Board Presents… ROLE MODEL (LIVE w/ Q&A) on Thursday, February 18th, 2021 at 8 PM (PST) via Zoom.
This event is free and closed to UCSB students only.

“A role model isn’t picture perfect. A role model isn’t just one person. A role model is who you choose to be.” Well, it certainly looks as though 23-year-old Tucker Pillsbury, a.k.a ROLE MODEL, has chosen to make waves in the music scene. Pillsbury’s first EP “ARIZONA IN THE SUMMER” was released in 2017 after spending the summer in solitude while recovering from a life-threatening ski accident and then subsequently breaking both of his wrists. In his music, Pillsbury captures the familiar themes of loneliness, anxiety, first loves, and heartbreaks, creating music that truly resonates with the Zoomer generation. Since the release of “ARIZONA IN THE SUMMER”, Pillsbury has gone on to collaborate with YA favorites like BENEE (“Glitter” & “Supalonely”) and Claire Rosinkranz (“Backyard Boy”) and amass more than 2.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify. His honest lyrics combined with his saccharine vocals and R&B, surf rock, and dream pop influenced instrumentals create a musical experience that eases the minds and hearts of listeners. Pillsbury vocalizes the pieces of life we are most afraid of and provides us with support– something to hold onto.

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