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Program Board 2020-2021 Applications




Commissioner: The Program Board Commissioner heads Program Board and is the official representative of the board in all campus and system wide matters, in accordance with the Legal Code of Associated Students. The Commissioner is the official spokesperson for the Program Board in matters as various as the Major Events Committee, Arts and Lectures Advisory Committee, UCen Building Committee, and others. The Commissioner is responsible for fiscal management of the entire board including the preparation of the budget for the subsequent year. The Commissioner is also an authorized signer for financial matters. This position coordinates the operations of all Program Board committees and is responsible for all voting matters before the board. The Commissioner is also responsible for creating an agenda and chairing weekly meetings.

Deputy Commissioner: This position includes working with the Commissioner on Program Board matters. In the event of the absence of the Commissioner, you will be expected to assume the duties of the Commissioner. For the business relations aspect of the position, you will be responsible for developing relationships with local and national businesses for obtaining business sponsorships to fund various events, especially EXTRAVAGANZA. You are an authorized signer for financial matters and are responsible for updating the board weekly on the budget at hand. You are also expected to assist the other coordinators, and act as a liaison between ASPB and Student Groups.


Special Events Coordinator: You will be responsible for the booking of bands and organizing noontime shows in Storke Plaza during the week and for coordinating larger concerts on campus in venues such as Campbell Hall, Events Center, and Harder Stadium. Most of the time you will work with local bands in Storke Plaza, but there is flexibility to bring in other up and coming bands. You may also organize any special event you want to see at UCSB that is approved by Program Board. The Special Events Coordinator also coordinates Extravaganza. This position is flexible and allows for

Concerts Coordinator: The Concerts Coordinator is one of the most time consuming positions on the board. The Concerts Coordinator works on programming for the Hub, as well as helping student groups and aiding in many other booking matters. This is a very difficult task, but is very rewarding for the overachiever. The Concerts Coordinator works directly with agents and promoters to book concerts that appeal to the student population. As Concerts Coordinator, you will be responsible for constantly researching current music trends, forming budgets, presenting them to board,
negotiating with agents, contacting artists’ managers, working with an assistant, and coordinating meetings as well as details
for any shows booked.

Programming Assistant (2): This position provides assistance to the Special Events and Concerts coordinators in planning events and shows on campus. Tasks range from brainstorming ideas for events, communicating with agents, and making budgets.

Cultural Events Coordinator: As Cultural Events Coordinator you will be responsible for coordinating at least three events that span various genres including but not limited to intellectual lectures, creative art displays, and comedy shows. This position does require you to build professional relationships with agents at major and minor speaker’s bureaus and agencies. You will also be responsible for coordinating with student groups to assist in booking keynote speakers and talent for their various events. In addition to the above as Cultural Events Coordinator you are responsible for coordinating Zombie Debates, an annual event that features popular UCSB professors in debates over who’s field would best serve you in a Zombie Apocalypse.

Films Coordinator: This position provides the board with a flexible programming position in terms of booking movies on campus. Programming consists of a film series and sneak previews. Your film selection may include blockbusters or some oldies but goodies that you want to bring back to the big screen. You will be working through companies such as Swank and Films, Inc. and an independent booking agent. You will also be responsible for obtaining Ad slicks, posters, and advertising for the shows. The Films Coordinator is responsible for films shown on Tuesdays in IV


Publicity Coordinator: As Publicity Coordinator you will be responsible for making sure that all the local newspapers have press pictures, information, and other necessary items to run an ad or an article. Setting up interviews for local radio and news stations is also involved in this job. ASPB relies heavily on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote events, and you will be required to maintain these accounts. You will be responsible for writing press releases for each show/event for local radio, newspapers, campus departments, flyering on and off campus, etc. During events, you are responsible for overseeing all photographers and writers.

Publicity Assistant: Assist the Publicity coordinator in running and maintaining the various social media channels and other outlet avenues for Program Board. Specifically tasked with managing publicity for smaller events such as Storke Shows, Free Tuesday Films, etc. Also responsible for maintaining ASPB’s sandwich boards and assisting in the coordination
of flyer distribution and tabling.

Graphics Coordinator: As Graphics Coordinator, you will develop ads to be used for promoting Program Board shows. These ads will be run in the Nexus, Independent, News Press, etc. Posters and flyers will also be created throughout the year. Computer skills are crucial to produce professional looking publicity (Familiarity with Adobe Indesign, Photoshop,
and Illustrator is required. Other design programs are a plus). This job is time consuming and allows for some creativity (although the priority is to present events clearly in ads). This job is very important to the board.

Graphics Assistant: Assists the Graphic Coordinator in developing and producing advertisements, posters, logos, and other artwork in order to publicize Program Board events to the public. Computer skills are crucial, especially knowledge of graphic design programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Pagemaker. This position will involve working very closely with the
Artwork Coordinator.

Digital Media Coordinator: Manages the ASPB website, keeping it up to date on all ASPB events and adding information as needed. This coordinator should find various opportunities for viral networking and marketing, including newsletters, surveys, artist wishlists, etc. He or she should be knowledgeable of popular social media and attract new audiences by means of an online presence.


Production Coordinator: This position involves coordinating and arranging production for all Program Board events. Sound reinforcement is the main production task, and for this you must maintain and train a crew, which involves hiring, supervising, and keeping payroll records. The Production Coordinator must be capable of mixing live sound as well as having the ability to lead and delegate a group of employees. The Production Coordinator is also required to have management skills as it must organize up to a 40 person crew.

Production Assistant (2): Assist the Production coordinator in providing sound and light support for events. The Assistant Production Coordinator may supervise a crew, assist in payroll preparation and help the Production Coordinator in repairing and maintaining the ASPB equipment.

Ticket Coordinator: This position entails a lot of organization. You will be responsible for ordering tickets (when needed) for concerts, lectures, etc. working closely with the AS Ticket Office and any other ticket outlets. You will keep track of the progress of the show and the seating arrangements. The tickets Coordinator is also responsible for keeping and controlling the guest list and complimentary tickets, which involves working closely with the programmer for each event. You may also be responsible for setting up distribution on the night/day of the show to distribute tickets ordered by phone or comps.

Volunteer Coordinator: This coordinator is responsible for assembling and maintaining an active membership of
volunteers to assist in Program Board events. This person coordinates volunteer group’s flyering events, works with RHA to
outreach to incoming first-year students, and coordinates volunteers to work at A.S. Program Board events including ticket
taking, hospitality, etc. The position calls for a skill for networking and creativity toward recruiting potential students.


Event Safety Coordinator: The goal of the Event Safety Coordinator is to ensure the safest possible environment at concerts and other events sponsored by AS Program Board. The Event Staff that are under your training are the liaisons between the event goers and the CSO’s and Police. Previous experience in event security is a plus but is not necessary for the
position. Meetings with the Police, professional security companies, CSOs and the Fire Marshall are required. The ability to communicate well with a variety of people in all kinds of situations is crucial. You will also need management skills as you are required to keep monthly payroll, hire and supervise an event staff of up to 30 people. Also you will need to order, maintain and use security equipment including radios and barricades.

Event Safety Assistant: Assist the Event Safety coordinator in providing a safe environment during events. The Assistant Event Safety Coordinator may supervise a crew, and assist in payroll preparation. You will need to work with the Event Safety Coordinator in any assistance they may need.

ASPB Application 2020-21

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